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Will you buy the Tropical Volcano? (And the Forest Aquarium… finally!)

375 tropical volcano
Photo from Spike

The tropical volcano finally appeared in the Garden store and Boutique. We all knew it would be a cash coin item but I expected it to be around 15 cc. Not 25 as it’s shown here! &^%$*@! Seriously… I feel like they’re ripping us off!

Sure, the volcano is big, looks cool, has flowing lava, and shivers a bit and belches out a puff of gray smoke every few seconds. But I don’t think it’s worth 25 cc, limited or not.

At least something made me smile today. Treehorn finally found her first Forest Aquarium! Woohoo! Took a while but it was worth it. :) [Link to Complete Treasure Hunt Loot]

374 forest aquarium

Pet Society Update for 21 June 2010: Tropical Theme

01 newsletter

02 diy

03 clothes

04 clothes

05 clothes

06 clothes

07 clothes

08 food

09 furniture

10 furniture

11 market

12 garden

13 garden

14 garden

15 garden

16 boutique

17 boutique

18 boutique

19 boutique

Pet Society Colorful Flowers Collection

Although I collected individual pictures of the flowers as I grew them one by one, I didn’t bother making a Colorful Flowers collection because Pet Society World made a wonderful reference for all of us (included in the Giant List of Pet Society Guides). But last night, Treehorn finally got the aqua thistle – weeks after I started badgering my friends and family to send those free colorful flower seeds.

370 aqua thistle

And Treehorn’s Colorful Flowers collection is finally complete! :D

373 colorful flowers2

See how nice they look in her garden:

Garden I (June 2010)

Note: I used to puzzle about other bloggers using watermarks on their images. Now I understand why. This week, I’ve seen not just one but two three people use my images of the Treasure Loot collection in their blog and forum post without any link to or even a mention of Pet Society Cat. Two pretended that they collected all the items themselves while the other emblazoned his own blog watermark on the pics. I occasionally use other players’ images, too, but I always credit them by adding a link or the name of their blog below the image.

Anyone is free to use my images. But please credit this blog. Especially when it comes to collections like this one. After all, it took some effort to make them. Thanks! :)

PSC enters Throne Room into room design contest by Pet Society Star

Last 13 June, I asked the readers of this blog to help me choose which of Treehorn’s rooms would be a good submission for Pet Society Star’s design contest through a poll. I initially thought of submitting Rock ‘N Rose or the Fairground due to RNR’s uniqueness and the Fairground’s cute factor. But I couldn’t decide and I was curious about what other players thought. I added three other pretty rooms to the poll and the results surprised me.

Which room should PSC submit to the design contest?

A – Rock ‘n Rose 8% (5 votes)
B – Study 5% (3 votes)
C – Throne Room 34% (20 votes)
D – Forest 31% (18 votes)
E – Fairground 22% (13 votes)

The Throne Room won, the Forest coming in a close second, the Fairground as third and, my favorite, Rock ‘N Rose as fourth.  As promised, I smoothed the Throne Room out a little, took a new picture and sent it as a contest entry along with its brief description.

Throne Room

It seems that the PSC readers have good taste because the Throne Room made it to the Top 5 of all entries! Please support PSC by clicking here and voting for the Throne Room. Thanks in advance. You guys rock!

Surprise Mystery Gifts from Mikan

The other night, I logged in to find four gifts. I was wondering who would give Treehorn so many and when she finally opened them, she found all the 4 mystery items this week: the colorful lucky charm, red festive drum, pink roses flower pot, and pink lotus candle.

352 mystery gifts

And who does Treehorn owe this incredible show of generosity? Mikan from Pet Society Dream! :) She made sure to visit Mikan and give her a huge thank you hug.

353 mikan

As for me, Treehorn’s owner, I miss reading blog posts from PSD. The blog about Mikan has always been one of my favorite Pet Society blogs. I know she’s really busy in the forum but maybe someday she’ll return to blogging. :)

Pet Society Update for 14 June 2010: Mythology & Dragon Boat Festival

This is more than a day late. Sorry, been a bit busy. :)

01 newsletter

02 diy

03 furniture

04 clothes

05 market

07 garden

08 boutique109 boutique2

06 food



POLL: Help me choose a Pet Society room design for a contest

Pet Society Star is holding a room decoration contest! Submissions are welcome until June 19, 2010. For more information on the rules of the contest, please check her post.

Since it’s a room design contest, I’m excited about entering it as well. And I can only submit one room design. I like almost all my rooms but I have my favorites. Can you help me decide which room to enter:

This was a design project for me around 2 weeks ago. While I’m quite fond of this room because of its uniqueness, I’m not sure how others perceive it. I did a few revisions like the carpet and the fountain since then but the basic design stayed the same.

Studio (June 2010)
click for larger image

I’ve kept this room ever since I made it. This was a slow work-in-progress because I was just starting to play then and had very little money, which means that everything this room has was purchased one by one. It took me a month or more to finish it. And when it was done, I loved it so much I decided that this is the one room that I wouldn’t change. It is a study… but one that looks like it’s owned by a witch, a wizard or a very eccentric explorer. :D

click for larger image

In Susanna Clarke’s historical fantasy, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, for 300 years, England used to have two kings: the witch king John Uskglass (The Raven King) and the line of royal kings. Here is Pet Society’s version of a witch queen’s and a mortal queen’s kingdom.

The original photo when I first designed this room showed the picture of two queens. The room’s design has slight revisions since then, but I think I need to take a new picture with the two queens if I’m going to submit this.

Throne Room
click for larger image

This one reminds me of story books and fairy tales. I like the image of my pet riding on a carriage and traveling through a forest populated with our favorite fairy tale characters.

Forest (May 2010)
click for larger image

Last but not the least is a park. This room is something that I wanted Treehorn to have for a while but this was one of the last ones that I’ve made for her. I love the contrast of bright colors against the dark sky.

click for larger image

Please help me decide which room to submit by voting on this poll. :) And if you would like to check out the rest of my pet’s house, check out House of Tree.

The poll is closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!  Here are the results:

Which room should PSC submit to the design contest?

A – Rock ‘n Rose 8% (5 votes)
B – Study 5% (3 votes)
C – Throne Room 34% (20 votes)
D – Forest 31% (18 votes)
E – Fairground 22% (13 votes)

Complete List of Pet Society Treasure Hunt Loot

Last updated 29 July 2010

This is a list of all the loot available in the Treasure Hunt. For the hunting guide, please check this post.

Important: Feel free to use the collection images but please credit this blog. Thanks.

I. Town Forest Treasure Hunt Loot

403 treasure1

Resale Prices:

  1. Forest Aquarium (rare) – 3,500 coins
  2. Running Pet Amphora – 200 coins
  3. Pink Monkey Plushie – 200 coins
  4. Pink Snail – 200 coins
  5. Summer Sofa – 200 coins
  6. Ancient Wall Painting – 100 coins
  7. Blue Fossil Shell – 100 coins
  8. Flower Seed – 66 coins
  9. Fish in a Jar – 100 coins
  10. Ceramic Flute – 100 coins
  11. Purple Mushroom – 100 coins

II. Town Forest One Week Only Treasure Hunt Loot

475 treasure owo

Resale Prices:

  1. Divine Tiara – 150 coins
  2. Happy Kitty Plushie – 283 coins
  3. Popcorn Machine – 150 coins
  4. Happy Raccoon Plushie – 0 coins
  5. Marie Antoinette Fan – 150 coins
  6. Gretel Bear Plushie -
  7. Happy Monkey Hat – 100 coins
  8. Mayor’s Hat – 100 coins

III. Town Forest Dinosaur Skeleton Pieces

405 treasure3

Resale Prices:

  1. Dinosaur Skeleton – 50 coins

IV. Enchanted Forest Treasure Hunt Loot

406 treasure4

Resale Prices:

  1. Magic Pixie Wings (rare) – 3,500 coins
  2. Pixie Mask – 200 coins
  3. Romantic Pixie Wig – 200 coins
  4. Pixie Chair – 200 coins
  5. Enchanted Fireflies – 200 coins
  6. Enchanted Forest Wallpaper – 200 coins
  7. Flowers Crown – 100 coins
  8. Pixie Dress – 100 coins
  9. Pixie Shoes – 100 coins
  10. Mushrooms Decor – 100 coins
  11. Pixie Forest Floor – 100 coins

V. Enchanted Forest Enchanted Waterfall Pieces

402 treasure5

Resale Prices:

  1. Enchanted Waterfall – 50 coins

VI. Ancient Egypt Treasure Hunt Loot

432 treasure loot egypt

Resale Prices:

  1. Sacred Cat Statue (rare) – 3,500 coins
  2. Ancient Pets Wall Painting – 200 coins
  3. Ancient Pets Wallpaper – 200 coins
  4. Egyptian Oasis – 200 coins
  5. Cleopatra Tunic – 200 coins
  6. Cleopatra Wig – 200 coins
  7. Pharaoh Tunic – 100 coins
  8. Pharaoh Headdress – 100 coins
  9. Pharaoh Snake Crown – 100 coins
  10. Ancient Golden Bracelet – 100 coins
  11. Ancient Sarcophagus – 100 coins

VII. Ancient Egypt Legendary Sphinx Pieces

428 sphinx

Resale Price:

  1. Legendary Sphinx – 50 coins

* The images for forest aquarium and gretel bear plushie are from Pet Society World as Treehorn hasn’t found one at the time of posting.

Hunt for Treasure in Pet Society: A Brief Guide

Last updated: 9 July 2010

This is a guide to treasure hunting in Pet Society. For the complete list of Town Forest, Enchanted Forest and Ancient Egypt Treasure Hunt loot, please check this post.

Here is the FAQ provided by the Pet Society blog:

What is Treasure Hunt?
Treasure Hunt is a new feature that lets you dig for treasure. Currently there are three areas where you can dig: the Town Forest, Enchanted Forest and Ancient Egypt.

What items can I find?
Items that you find in Treasure Hunt are not available anywhere else. You can find a number of different kinds of treasure. In the Town Forest, there are 10 cool treasures, plus the extremely rare Forest Aquarium. Can you find it? What about the special weekly themed item? Collect all seven pieces for the Dinosaur Skeleton, then display it proudly in your room.

Can treasures be gifted?
Yes, you can send treasures to a friend, just like normal items.

How much are treasures worth?
The value of each treasure in the Town Forest ranges from 50 coins up to 3,500 for the Forest Aquarium.

How do I get free shovels?
Every day you get up to 5 free shovels to use that day. If you don’t use them, you lose them! Of course any shovels that you have bought are yours to use any day you like.

Why don’t I see where I dug before?
Whenever you leave the Town Forest, the map will reset. You of course keep whatever treasures you found, but will have to start digging again in a different part of the forest.

Will there be more treasures and map sites?
You bet!

Start your treasure hunt!

One can either click the hunt for treasure button on your playing screen or choose the World Map from the town map.

340 treasure hunt1

341 treasure hunt2

Area I – Town Forest

342 treasure hunt3

1) Check your treasure screen & click “Dig Now”

343 treasure hunt4

2) Buy shovels

It costs 300 coins per 5 shovels. 5 shovels = 5 digs. Not cheap, especially since it might take a lot of digging to find one treasure.

344 treasure hunt5

3) Start digging!

Click on a square and start digging. Occasionally, you will will find clues like “Treasure very close” or “Treasure is nearby”. There will also be Xs and ?s to help you guess where they’re hidden.

345 treasure hunt6

4) Collect your treasures

As soon as you get 4 treasures, the session will stop and you will be prompted if you want to dig again.

346 treasure hunt7

347 treasure hunt8

Area II – Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is a new area in the treasure, released on 25 June 2010.

386 new treasure map

1) Unlock the forest by building a hot air balloon

387 build hot air balloon

3) Buy/Ask for the materials

From the Official Blog:

… you can enlist the help of your friends to assist you in obtaining each of the required materials (Fabric, Rope and Rattan Sticks) as they are new Collaborative Items, alternatively you can choose to purchase the materials with Playfish Cash. Once you have all the required materials select “Build” to complete your Hot Air Balloon!

It’s much better to ask for the materials from friends. I got all 15 items in less than 2 days. That way, you get it for free. Accepting requests and gifts from friends would have to be done through the Facebook confirmation page.

389 purchase balloon

4) Build your hot air balloon

393 hot air balloon394 hot air balloon

5) Start digging & collect your treasures!

392 enchanted forest

Area III – Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is a new area in the treasure, released on 8 July 2010.

1) Go to Ancient Egypt from the Treasure Map

430 treasure map egypt

2) Dig for Treasures

431 treasure map 2 egypt

3) Collect them all!

433 mytreasures egypt

This guide will be updated every time there is a new addition. I hope you found this brief guide useful. I’m really excited about this new feature. What do you think? :D

Pet Society Update for 11 June 2010

Two of the items are TWS, meaning they’ll be gone next week. Better hunt for thoss mystery items before they disappear! :) These weeks items are: colorful lucky charm [TWS] (CMB), red festive drum [TWS] (BMB), pink roses flower pot (GMB), and pink lotus candle (GMB).

338 mystery itms

The new free gifts are: pink fish lucky charm and mouse plushie.

339 free gifts

There is also a new feature called Treasure Hunt. Read this post for more details.

Pet Society Doll’s House Mystery Egg Collection

It took me forever to get all of these! In the end, I had to bribe my little sister with three dresses and a crown so she would send me her toy room, which was the only one missing from the collection. :D

The doll’s house mystery eggs are available for sale in the Mystery store for 600 coins each.

336 dollhouse mystery egg335 dollhouse rooms334 dollhouse dolls

(resale price – 233 coins)
attic bedroom
attic storage
living room
toy room

sweet cat doll – 283 coins resale price
sporty cat doll – 283 coins resale price
mummy cat doll – 283 coins resale price
daddy cat doll – 283 coins resale price
granny cat doll – 283 coins resale price
baby bunny doll – 333 coins resale price
sweet bunny doll – 283 coins resale price
geeky bunny doll – 283 coins resale price
mummy bunny doll – 283 coins resale price
daddy bunny doll – 283 coins resale price

Vacation Ticket Glitch: no Tent and Bellydancer’s outfit in Arabian Nights package?

Update: Playfish will fix the glitch.

323 arabian nights324 arabian nights2

In the comments section of my Vacation Tickets post, a number of players reported that they did not receive the tent and the bellydancer’s outfit (top and pants) when they bought the Arabian Nights package. When I purchased it last Wednesday, 2 June, I didn’t encounter any problems so it must be a fairly recent glitch.

I hope Playfish will fix it ASAP. After all, it’s not a cheap package at 6,500 coins and the players will be cheated out of 3 of the nicest things in the package.

Have you purchased the Arabian Nights package and got the same glitch?

Pet Society Update for 4 June 2010: Hideeni’s Football Look, New Mystery Box Items, Free Gifts, and the Romantic Icefish

New Mystery Box Items

We have the bunny teapot (BMB) , floral garland (GMB), and donut headpiece (GMB).

331 mystery

New Free Gifts

The free items this week are really pretty. There’s the bright rose wedding headpiece and the pink swan plushie, which is a twin of the white swan plushie from the gold mystery box.

331 free items

New Fish: the Romantic Icefish!

The romantic icefish can be caught using any bait. :)

332 romantic icefish

Hideeni Does Football

Hideeni is out and about in his charming football outfit and is giving away flags of competing countries from the World Cup. Make sure to collect all the flags as soon as you can because a country’s flag will disappear once their team is eliminated. (I love this Pet Society-real life sports tie-in.)

328 hideeni1

329 hideeni2

USA Flag Argentina Flag
Holland Flag France Flag Chile Flag
Mexico Flag Ivory Coast
Denmark Flag
Italy Flag Spain Flag Brazil Flag
Portugal Flag Australia Flag Germany Flag

Pet Society’s Mystery Ristorante Box

The mystery ristorante box can be purchased in the Mystery Store for 175 coins each. After opening, the food items can be resold at 58 coins each. There are 9 items:

Mystery Ristorante Box

These are only available until the 13th of June 2010 so if you want to collect all items, do it now! :) Good luck with finding all of them.

Note: Feel free to use the collection images but please credit this blog. Thanks.

CRIBS in Pet Society: Pookie

Remember when I asked readers to contribute pictures of their houses for this blog’s CRIBS design segment? Well, Priscilla is our first contributor. :) And we’re so lucky that she allowed us a peek into her pet’s lovely house. In her own words, the house is “…simple, feminine and chic.”

Priscilla’s pet is named Pookie, a charming blue fashionista puppy.

00 pet

ROOM #1: Living Room

02 room one

Judging from her solo picture above and the view from the living room, Pookie must be a promising careerpuppy from New York City. One can only imagine how stressed and tired she gets during the week so her living room is designed for pure relaxation. There’s a beautiful bar and a place to sit down, relax, and wind down.

ROOM #2: Kitchen

03 kitchen

Pookie covered her kitchen walls in a cheery yellow, which goes very well with the clean white furniture and appliances. Those cakes look yummy! Looks like Pookie is just about ready to make some more.

ROOM #3: Bathroom

04 bathroom

If the kitchen was white, then the bathroom is furnished a pretty pink. This is where Pookie has her luxurious baths before primping before her gleaming 3-mirror dresser. Doesn’t it look so feminine and cozy?

ROOM #4: Bedroom & Closet

05 bedroom & closet

The dresses and accessories are lined up behind her daybed just in case Pookie needs to quickly get ready for a flashy night out. That bed looks mighty comfy!

ROOM #5: Patio

06 tea room or patio

This might just be my favorite room in Pookie’s house. I love the clean colors of the tiles and how the booths and chairs complement with each other. It looks very refreshing, too. A nice spot to rest on a hot day.

ROOM #6: The Beach

07 beach

This Bondi beach scene has always been one of my favorites in Pet Society. I love the colors of the sky, as if it will soon be dusk and the sun worshippers are almost done swimming and tanning.

ROOM #7: Cafe

08 cafe

Another one of my favorite themes! Pookie’s cafe features a glass cabinet that is chock-full of goodies. The cute pink window beside the customer’s table doesn’t hurt the atmosphere either.


01 front garden
09 back garden

Pookie’s front and back gardens are both tree orchards. She made sure that she has almost one of each kind that Pet Society has to offer. I’m very jealous of her beautiful sakura tree as I still haven’t been able to grow one.


What I like about Pookie’s house is that there is a lot of breathing space between the furniture. Priscilla didn’t fall into the trap of putting something into every available inch of space because there are just so much stuff that one could buy from the stores. One could better appreciate her pet’s home this way.

I’m afraid I tend to overstuff Treehorn’s rooms myself. :D Seeing Pookie’s house gives me fresh ideas for future redecorations.

What did you think of Pookie’s house? Please post your comments. Thanks!


To submit your own pet’s house pictures to this blog, go here.
To see other CRIBS featured houses, click this.

Vacation Tickets: Arabian Nights, Safari, and Cruise packages

What do you think of the vacation ticket with the hefty price tag? It’s available in the Market store under Cool Stuff.

327 vacation ticket

Of course, your pet doesn’t really leave Pet Society. He/she will receive a number of items that fit in the specified theme. Treehorn and Spike helped me take pictures of the Vacation Ticket packages.


323 arabian nights

324 arabian nights2


322 cruise1

326 cruise2


321 safari ticket

325 safari

All packages are quite expensive even if one tries to add up the average prices of each item type. I think I’ll keep the packages for Treehorn’s collection. :)

A giant mystery box? Plus a bit of good news about the corsage pots.

Treehorn was in the garden and I was taking a picture of the corsage pots when this message popped up:

317 box1

Hmmm… what could it be? Is it the rumored fabulous thing that Pet Society Philippines blogged about? I clicked Accept.

318 box2

The box is so much bigger than my pet! You can barely see Tree’s toes peeking from underneath the gigantic crate. And, finally, the surprise:

319 box3

I was so pleased to finally get the briar rose wall fountain. :D I wasn’t able to get enough helpers for the pink tepee, the totem pole or even the wig so the fountain is my first collaborative item from Pet Society. Speaking of the mystery corsage pots, they have finally started to grow. Remember the glitch that started last month?

320 corsages

Looks like I’m going to have a red rose corsage. Two of them! I already have one so if you want these, I can send them to you if you like. Just comment on this post. :)

Pet Society Cat wants to feature YOU!

As a player, I’m more interested in the decorating and collecting aspect in Pet Society. I’ve never been drawn to trading or having 99 items of something rare/expensive. I love visiting the houses of creative pets and spending time looking at the rooms of each pet and appreciating the effort and personal style the players put into their pet’s homes.

My favorite posts to write are the ones that are devoted to decorating and featuring houses. My own pet’s rooms is listed and described here, I occasionally post a commentary and items list of my favorite redecoration projects (e.g. Rock ‘n Rose, Two Thrones, Cafe in Manhattan), and every once in a while, I feature the houses of other pets in my CRIBS segment (e.g. Mushu, Spike).

I want to do a piece on decorating at least once per week on this blog, if possible. So if you want to have your pet’s house or room featured in the blog, feel free to shoot me an email.

For CRIBS (whole house):

  1. The name of your pet. Please specify if you want me to name you as an owner or to hide your real name.
  2. Include a solo picture of your pet.
  3. Include one picture of each room, whether it’s partial or full.
  4. If you wish to add a brief caption, you can.
  5. If you are a blogger, I will gladly link to your blog.

For single-room features:

  1. The name of your pet. Please specify if you want me to name you as an owner or to hide your real name.
  2. Include a solo picture of your pet.
  3. A picture of the whole room.
  4. If you want to add a brief commentary on your decorating inspiration, please do.
  5. If you are a blogger, I will gladly link to your blog.
  6. It’s better if you add an itemized list. Please see this for an example of a single-room deco post.

Accepting a room or house to be featured will be up to the owner of this blog. :)

Room Decoration: ROCK ‘N ROSE

StudioRock ‘n Rose room. Click for bigger photo.

I missed almost two whole weeks of playing, during which time I only managed to log in twice and only for a few minutes to buy TWS items that I liked and would disappear after its introductory week. While I am happy with almost all of rooms, I wasn’t quite satisfied with my 1st room and thought that it looked too ordinary. To change it, I decided to mostly make use of the past two weeks’ items from the 80’s Rock Music week and the Sleeping Beauty week. MTV and fairy tales? Sounds like polar opposites! But, strangely, it worked!

While decorating this room, I tried to imagine how a teenage, rock music-loving princess would have her tower room like if she lived in the present. Aside from the huge music video tv, I used a lot of the older musical instruments from the Market store – the type of instruments that your pet could pick up and play with like the older guitars and drums. I used none of the new guitars from last week; those were not interactive in spite of the hefty price tag. The wallpaper featured open windows but I sealed those with stained glass windows to make it a closed room, like a real studio. The luminous lighthouse served as a revolving strobe light.

So, what do you think of our guitar-toting princess’ room?

Items used for this room:

dawn view tower wall [TWS] (DIY, 1200 coins)
blue stone tower flooring [TWS] (DIY, 700 coins)
sleeping princess stained glass window [TWS] (DIY, 1000 coins)
sleeping princess pink stained glass window (DIY, 900 coins)
velvet drape (DIY, 700 coins)
princess curtain x 2 (DIY, 500 coins)
ballroom chandelier x 2 [TWS] (DIY, 1000 coins)
luminous stage light (DIY, 700 coins)
art deco table lamp (DIY, 1200 coins)
golden light switch (DIY, 300 coins)
regal mayor plushie (Market, 1100 coins)
drum kit (Market, 2700 coins)
red pet v guitar (Market, 2500 coins)
black electric guitar (Market, 3000 coins)
acoustic guitar (Market, 2500 coins)
electric keyboard (Market, 300 coins)
keyboard stand (Market, 200 coins)
microphone decor (Market, 300 coins)
music video tv [TWS] (Furniture, 8000 coins)
red rose cushion (Furniture, 300 coins)
enchanted shelf [TWS] (Furniture, 600 coins)
purple regal sofa (Furniture, 1500 coins)
luminous film strip decor (Furniture, 1300 coins)
wooden cello (Furniture, 1500 coins)
luminous miniature lighthouse (Mystery, 2700 coins)
colorful stereo player [from GMB] (Mystery, 500 coins)
oval rug [from GMB] (Mystery, 500 coins)
shell basket [from BMB] (Mystery, 200 coins)
fortune teller stool [from Fortune Mystery Egg] (Mystery, 600 coins)
bear princess plushie (free gifts, 0 coins)
clover flowers [from clover seed] [TWS] (Garden, 800 coins)
tulip pot [from Easter Egg Greenhouse] [TWS] (Garden, 1200 coins)
chamomile pot [from Easter Egg Greenhouse] [TWS] (Garden, 1200 coins)


The tapefish is this week special (TWS) fish, which means that it will be gone by next week. One can catch it with any bait just like regular fishes.

309 tapefish

Treehorn used corn and it took 6 tries before she caught the tapefish. It looks like it just escaped from an 80’s rock and roll star’s boom box but I think it would feel very much at home among Tree’s other strange fishes in the aquarium room.

Magic Fairy Dust

305 flying

My little sister loves to play Pet Society on my laptop using my account when I’m not looking. :P She has her own pet, Alyssa (formerly Aurora), but she likes to play with Treehorn every once in a while. Yesterday, I found out that she took the initiative to use some of my playfish cash to buy magic fairy dust for Treehorn from the Boutique.

To my surprise, when I sat in front of my computer, I saw my pet flying in her house! The fairy dust costs 2 cc and will last for 3 days. Your pet won’t fly much but will just hover a little bit over the ground instead of walking. She will sparkle a little but it’s not that magical, in my opinion.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother buying it as I don’t think a 3-day magic effect is worth any playfish cash. But since there’s nothing I can do about it anymore, I may as well enjoy playing with hovering Tree.


ITEM RATING: 2 out of 5.

Pet Society Updates for 13 May 2010

I. New Mystery Box Items

307 mystery may14
Cheap (Red) Mystery Box – Blue Thermos
Blue Mystery Box – Kitchen Utensils
Gold Mystery Box – Colorful Boom Box and Red Hood Bear Plushie

II. New Free Gifts

306 free items may14
Pink Sparkling Ribbon
Angel Bear Plushie

III. New Fish

308 tapefish
The tapefish is only available for one week! So take out that fishing rod and start fishing before the week is over.

IV. Spoilers for Monday: Rockin’ the 80’s

Spoilers for the Monday update are now available in Pet Society’s official blog. Looks like we’re bringing back the 80’s rock scene with the bold music and animal prints. Yikes!

Super Mini Update :)

And that’s all folks! :D

Pet Society’s Greatest and the Lamest: 10-16 May 2010

I forgot to do a Greatest and the Lamest post for last week’s new items. But then Cinco de Mayo was a pretty fabulous week with all the colorful, fancy but affordable stuff. Not to mention all that Mexican food! I almost expected a port-a-potty to go with the food delivery subscription.

Now let’s turn our attentions to this week’s offerings starting with…

The Greatest

One of the things that made my list are the cars sold in the Market and Garden stores. They’re quite expensive and big but they’re so cute! Buying one for my Treehorn felt like getting a car for my Barbie when I was 5. Pictured here are the pink retro car and red sports car:

301 cars

Here’s Tree testing out the cream sports car. It rocks, shakes and bounces slightly when your pet gets in. Too bad it doesn’t really run.

300 cream sports car
RATING: 3 out of 5. Because it’s very expensive and doesn’t really run.

Next is the city rock fountain. Now I’m really excited about this. Even in the store you could see that it’s animated with three jets of water shooting up alternately. You’d think something like this would cost at least 2,000 coins. But no… it’s a pleasantly cheap 900 coins!

299 city rock fountain

RATING: 4.5 out of 5. It’s cheap and animated. It could be prettier, though.

Lastly, I’m really happy about them introducing plain wallpapers in very pretty colors: dark aquamarine, purple, aquamarine and bordeaux. There are lots of players who prefer to accent their decorations and furniture against a solid-colored wall but the previously available solid wallpapers were either dark, plain, or unattractive. This is a fresh change!

302 wallpapers

RATING: 5 out of 5. Can’t go wrong with an affordable and tasteful wallpaper.

The Lamest

This isn’t hard to guess. A lot of players, especially those from the Asian continent, were very disappointed that they were not able to get the solid gold teddy. I shared my own tale of woe in the previous post. While they did lessen the amount to make the product live up to its “limited” status, they didn’t realize that a cheaper price coupled with a prettier, more marketable product made players want it much more than the other limited item, the peter pan statue.

304 solid gold teddy

RATING: 5 out of 5 for the teddy. 1 out of 5 for Playfish.

The next one isn’t really that lame. But there’s a pink flowerbed available for free in the free gifts section. So why did they price a less attractive blue flowerbed so high? I think 750 coins for a small garden item is a wee bit much especially when it has a free twin.

303 blue flowerbed

RATING: 2 out of 5.


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