Treehorn's Adventures in Pet Society

New Items for 01 February 2010: love Love LOVE!

There are some items that I really love. Unfortunately, most of them come from the Cash Shop. 😦 Oh well, I don’t mind spending real money occasionally for Pet Society. But I wish they wouldn’t cram all the goodies in the Cash Shop.

The theme is a combination of Valentines and Lunar New Year. For the Valentine items, Treehorn bought these: [L-R] baby unicorn (Furniture), pink Juliet dress (Clothes), love tree seed which will grow into a love tree (Garden), bleeding hearts seed which will grow into a bleeding hearts flower (Garden).

The sad part is I love everything in the Cash Shop. I particularly like all the Mystery Gift Box items, which was originally made to send to friends. Honestly, considering how expensive they are, I’d rather keep them myself since my Facebook friends are not Pet Society addicts. The Mystery Box Gift items can only be opened on February 14 so there goes my plan to renovate my balcony into a romantic Valentine spot this week. Here are the items at 12 playfish cash each:

Valentine Bunny Plushie (HS) Mystery Gift Box (Gift Box only) Valentine Cake Rack (HS)
Angels Fountain (HS) Valentine Jacuzzi (HS)

Two more things that I will definitely buy, even if they’re from the Cash Shop, are the romantic aquarium and the Valentine fish biscuit:

The Lunar New Year items are so cute! Especially the wig, which suits Treehorn perfectly. Here are my faves: [L-R] lunar new year wall decor (Furniture), prosperity plushie (Furniture), double buns wig (Clothes), tiger bib (Clothes), and tiger shoes (Clothes).

Again, this is not the complete list of new updates. This are just the contents of my pet’s shopping basket. 🙂

For the complete list of items and prices, please check out the links at the top of the post.


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