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Pet Society Update for 19 July 2010: Hansel and Gretel



There’s a tousled looking long bunches wig, pink candy waitress outfit, pink candy waitress shoes, blue candy waiter top, blue candy waiter pants, and a chocolate cone hat.





There’s a pink cream wallpaper and pink cream floor along with a pretty chocolate cream door.


There’s also a pink cream shelf, candy ceiling light, ice cream candle, and an ice cream chandelier.



The ice cream stand will yield 6 different kinds of cones. If placed it in a room, you and visitors to your house can purchase cones from it. The golden chocolate box, purple chocolate box, and rosy chocolate box will each give you one chocolate a day for a week.



The market has a new hansel bear plushie.



The new collaborative item is the indulgent candy bed which needs the help of 20 friends or 25 cc.


Then there’s the cake armchair, the ice cream table and the glazed donut chair.


The donut armchair, cookie table and the cookie chair.


There’s also a candy dressing table and chocolate dresser.



The limited item is a pink candy tree seed. It doesn’t seem to be selling like hotcakes since it’s been a few hours since it’s been released when I took this pic and no one has bought it yet.


There’s also a bakery fish bait that could let you catch 10 kinds of pastry-looking fish, a secret summer garden which is the new mini-room, and a sweet cake potion.



Pet Society Update for 16 July 2010: New Mystery Items and Free Gifts

Sorry this is late. I should have posted this last Friday. In fact, I was in the middle of preparing the post when something came up and I only had the chance to play Pet Society again today.

Anyway, enough excuses. Here’s the latest batch of mystery items.

450 new mystery

And here are the newest free gifts.

452 free gifts

There is supposed to be a new one week only (OWO) treasure  item in the Town Forest, the Gretel Bear Plushie. But this one is not available yet for some reason.

Pet Society French Patisserie Mystery Box and the Patisseriefish

The French Patisserie Mystery Box is available for 300 coins each in the Food store.

448 French Patisserie Mystery Box

Resale Prices:
Strawberry and Chocolate Beignet – 99 coins
Eclair a la Creme – 33 coins
Macaron Aux Noix – 166 coins
Framboisier – 99 coins
Truffe en Chocolat – 99 coins
Fraisier -74 coins
Strawberry Shortcake – 66 coins
Buche Aux Fraises – 166 coins
Mille Feuille Au Chocolat – 133 coins
Petit Four a la Fraise – 66 coins

These pastries can be used as bait to catch the Patisseriefish. In this case, Treehorn used a Fraisier.

446 fishing
447 patisseriefish

CRIBS in Pet Society: Chidorilash’s Pad

You might know Chidorilash if you’ve visited his blog. His owner Winona (aka Nightsouled) graciously invited us to view his home and share their decorative ideas with all of us.

Room #1: Lobby

The grand staircase dominates the room and music-loving Chi sits by his white grand piano as he welcomes us. Don’t you get the feeling that he’s loaded? He has two nannybots at attention to serve his every whim. (And I’m loving the black chandelier. I have lighting-envy.)

Room #2: Bathroom

It’s refreshing to see a bathroom that’s not decorated in pink. Of course, it’s because Chi is a boy! The view from the window hints that he lives near Count Dracula in Transylvania, perhaps on a neighboring cliff-top, and is that a squitty I see?

Room #3: Living Room

Transylvania seems to have a busy nightlife and business sector, too. But the classical-loving Chi would rather stay at home and play with his golden harp by the fireplace.

Room #4: Bedroom

I have a strange feeling during this house tour. Chi’s house somehow makes me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the movie Twilight. I wonder why? This pet certainly has expensive tastes judging from the heart crystal resting on his pillow.

Room #5: Kitchen

Do vampires eat regular food? Oops, sorry Chi. I didn’t mean to insinuate that you’re a vampire. I must be thinking of movies and stories too much, silly me. But for a vampish pet, you certainly have an impressive kitchen. So, aside from sushi, what else do you cook?

Room #6: Hall

No boring hallways for this pet. This area has impressive big aquariums and trophies. It even has a forest aquarium which is so rare that I heard the black market value in the trading forum is much higher than 3,500 gold coins.

Room #7: Library

It’s more like a museum than a library. Aside from classical music, Chi has a fondness for old things like Greek amphoras, dinosaur fossils, sculptures, and history books.

Front Garden

Even the front garden shows his eclectic taste. His garden has a number of wild animals roaming freely around the trees and his colorful purple hot air balloon (Chi doesn’t like jets). Good God, is that an ostrich!?


*thunder and lightning*

“I hope you liked my humble castle. Feel free to drop by and we’ll swap
stories about the time when Buffy tried to catch me and failed.” – Chi


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Pet Society Update for 12 July 2010: French Week



DIY Store




Clothes Store




Market Store



Food Store


Furniture Store



Outdoor Store





New Pet Society Treasure Hunt Site: Ancient Egypt

A new site has been released. Visit Ancient Egypt from your treasure map!

429 treasure egypt

430 treasure map egypt

431 treasure map 2 egypt

The treasure loot Treehorn found so far. She hasn’t found the rare item, the sacred cat statue, yet. She just found the sacred cat statue!

433 mytreasures egypt

432 treasure loot egypt

428 sphinx

Resale Values:

  • Sacred Cat Statue (rare) – 3,500 coins
  • Ancient Pets Wall Painting – 200 coins
  • Ancient Pets Wallpaper – 200 coins
  • Egyptian Oasis – 200 coins
  • Cleopatra Tunic – 200 coins
  • Cleopatra Wig – 200 coins
  • Pharaoh Tunic – 100 coins
  • Pharaoh Headdress – 100 coins
  • Pharaoh Snake Crown – 100 coins
  • Ancient Golden Bracelet – 100 coins
  • Ancient Sarcophagus – 100 coins
  • Legendary Sphinx – 50 coins

The Pet Society Treasure Hunt Guide and Complete List of Pet Society Treasure Hunt Loot have been updated.

Pet Society Update for 8 July 2010: New Mystery Items, New Free Gifts, New Treasure Loot, New Win or Lose Box Items


CMB – Romantic Blue Bracelet
BMB – Black French Beret
GMB – Pink Cushion and French Bear Plushie

423 mystery new


The new free gift items are Blue Marie Antoinette Ribbon and Sweet Purple Dress. I’m loving this week’s gifts. However, they’re both for girls. What about the boy pets?

425 free gifts new


The One Week Only treasure loot in the town forest is the Marie Antoinette Fan. Happy hunting! The Complete List of Treasure Hunt Loot has been updated.

426 marie antoinette fan

Your pet can wear it as an accessory. Here’s Treehorn jamming while dressed to the nines.

427 treehorn


It’s just about time! Playfish added two new items to the win or lose box prizes: the Unlucky Bunny Plushie and the Sweet Striped Ribbon. The Complete List of Win or Lose Box Items has been updated.

421 win or lose new

Cold Drinks and the Fizzyfish

Collecting all the drinks from the Cold Drinks Vending Machine was fun. Machine and drinks are temporarily housed in Treehorn’s playhouse room because I honestly don’t know where to put them.

417 cold drinks

From left:

  • cold coconut drink
  • cold cola
  • cold lime soda
  • cold orange soda
  • cold cherry cola
  • cold mint drink
  • cold tropical drink
  • cold lemonade
  • cold grape soda
  • cold peach iced tea

The extras (and then some) were used to try to catch the elusive fizzyfish. I must’ve used 40 or more cold drinks yesterday but alas! Yesterday just wasn’t my day. Although I did manage to catch a saddle valentini puffe, which was missing from Tree’s collection.

418 saddle valentini puffe

Tonight, luck was with us because Treehorn and I caught the fizzyfish with the first cold drink that was bought. Finally! This unique fish is now in Treehorn’s Grotto Room along with the other fantasy fishes.

419 fizzyfish

Pet Society Playhouse (Part II)

This is Monday, update day in all Pet Society stores. Last night was the last chance for me to buy all the One Week Only items that I wanted before they disappeared. Guess what happened? I passed out after dinner and missed the deadline. Sheesh. Yes, I was tired from work but I’m still a little pissed with myself.

This post is about the Playhouse again. Yep, I finally got all 30 collaborative items and built it.

414 playhouse

The playhouse itself (not the room) is HUGE! It fills up half the room!

416 playhouse

This is what it looks like, bare, with nothing in it:

415 playhouse

Not bad. I can’t wait to decorate my new room! I might turn this into a little playroom, a garage, or a food stockroom. Or I might change my mind and turn it into a themed room. Have you built your playhouse yet? What do you plan to do with it?

CRIBS in Pet Society: Bebe in Wonderland

I was way to busy to post the Monday update. 😦 But that’s okay, by now all the avid players know what the items are in all of the stores. Which is why I’m going to start this glorious Wednesday with a CRIBS post. *happy smile*

Our featured player, Helen, has a very cute pet named Bebe who has a visually-rich home with lots and lots of stuff that any player would covet. I don’t want to ruin things by saying too much so here they are! (Pictures belong to Helen. Room names and descriptions are added by me.)

Room 1 = Carnival in the Park
01 1st floor - 1st room with bebe

Doesn’t it look so inviting? The vintage-looking booth, popcorn, hot air balloon, and all the stuffed animals and balloons a kid or a pet could ask for. Lucky Bebe.

Room 2 = Romantic Balcony
04 1st floor - 2nd floor with bebe

Ever had a confusing situation where you couldn’t decide between a date in a balcony watching the sunset, a tiki beach theme, or an aqua park? Luckily, Bebe has all of that in this 2nd room. What’s great is that as much as the room holds, it doesn’t look overstuffed. Everything looks matched up and pretty. Wonder what it looks like at night?

02 1st floor - 2nd room

Just as lovely. 🙂

Room 3 = The Feast
03 1st floor -3rd room

Oh. My. God. I know this is probably the kitchen but what a kitchen! Is it Thanksgiving or Christmas? Regardless of what occasion it is, I think I’ll be hanging around here for a good while, making friends with Bebe, drinking with the other guests, and making sure all that good food doesn’t go to waste.

Room 4 = The Party
05 2nd floor - 5th room

Someone’s having birthday… Oops, sorry. Sources say that it’s a swanky 3rd anniversary party complete with sounds, flowers, balloons, food (yum!) and gifts.

Room 5 = The Bedroom
06 2nd floor - 6th room

So PINK and pretty. Bebe lounges in one of the chairs just beside the telescope she got on her last anniversary party. Look at those wide windows and the fantastic view by the bed.

Room 6 = The Bathroom
07 3rd floor - 7th floor

I think both Bebe and Helen are partial to pink. The bathroom is a comfortable place to wind down after a long day. Just look at the bubbly bathtub with the silky drapes behind it. I’m loving the walls and the little poo placed strategically on the toilet seat.

Extra Room 1 = A Valentine Date
E1 1st extended room - wedding room

This must be the widest, pinkest, most brightly-lit foyer in the Pet Society mansion. I’m also thinking that Bebe is waiting for her date. How else can you explain the tall cakes, glasses of champagne and the loveseat by the stained-glass window? I love this room. I think Helen did a great job here.

Extra Room 2 = Wonderland
E2 2nd extended room - stock room

I’m a bit dizzy. I wanted to find the giant dollhouse but got lost somewhere around the giant dinosaur fossil display. Good thing there’s a car with a snail as driver who was nice enough to give me directions. (I feel so Alice-in-Wonderland here.)

Garden 1
G1 1st garden

Now this is my most favorite room of all. I’ve seen dozens of gardens and designs and most gardens (including mine *blush*) look either overstuffed or under-decorated. Helen and Bebe used the canopies and windows in a creative way, giving the room more depth and a different look compared to most gardens. I bet this room gave a lot of you different ideas about how to decorate your gardens.

Garden 2
G2 2nd garden

Not as pretty as the first garden, but still cute. She has the sakura tree, too. I’m so jealous! Is everyone destined to have one except for my pet?

Special Room 2 = Grotto Room
S1 aqua room with bebe

In this room, whales live in harmony along with fishes as they all swim around and through the Enchanted Waterfall.

So… how did you like Bebe’s rooms? Feel free to leave your comments if you’d like to compliment Helen for her hard work. I’m very pleased with this installment of CRIBS in Pet Society. It’s just about time as it’s been a while since Pookie, and we’re very lucky that those who volunteer to have their houses shown have great taste in Pet Society decorating.


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