Treehorn's Adventures in Pet Society



It’s odd that Pet Society is really ending. I stopped playing a long time ago but Pet Society still continued to endure. I guess I should say goodbye to my Treehorn very, very soon.




Free Pet Society Cash

Do you buy pet society cash items? I normally don’t. But having game cash (not the free game coins) can be handy especially since I like the extra rooms and the occasional wondermous item that I want. Right before I quit playing two years ago, I was obsessed with collecting all the rare fish. So I bought the pro fishing hat and pro fishing vest to help me reach my goal. I’ve pretty much recovered from that obsession since I have one room that I’ve turned into an aquarium, a smaller version of it and several rooms with big fish tanks. And I still have too much fish in my chest! Oh well.

I used to buy game cash with real money through my mobile. But now that I’m newly married and hopefully more sensible than my slightly younger self, I just couldn’t bear to part ways with my hard-earned $$$. But I still want extra rooms. What’s a girl to do?

Luckily, they have free offers. So far, I’ve done three of them and got a total of 150 pet society cash. Not bat at all. 🙂 Just click the “add pet society cash” button and select “earn pet society cash” from the left main menu. A list of all available offers will pop up. There are hundreds of deals so I’m sure there will be at least one that you will be able to do. These are the ones I used:

  • 100 cash = Sign up for a Netflix subscription with a 1-month free trial. My husband already has Netflix so I know it’s secure but I really didn’t need a new one. I did sign up and got 100 pet society cash instantly. Note that Netflix will ask for your credit/debit card but don’t worry about it, you won’t be charged for the first month. Wait for a couple of weeks and then cancel your subscription, this way, you won’t be charged anything at all.
  • 10 cash = Completed a couple of quizzes. I don’t remember which but it was all about movies and TV shows. Almost all of my answers were wrong but the system still registered me as having completed at least two.
  • 40 cash = Purchase a $50 coupon from for only $20. Since my husband and I eat out at least once a week, this was a great offer for me.

There probably are other offers that I might do later on, like an $18 monthly contribution to the ASPCA. I have three dogs and I love them to death so I definitely have a soft spot for animals.

I spent the first 100 from Netflix on a pair of wings and six extra rooms. I know, right? Six more rooms to decorate. *does a happy dance* There’s still 50 left.

The Study

Treehorn’s study is starting to look a little dated. So she and I decided to redecorate without losing the library-ish ambiance. Here’s the old one:

And here’s the new one:

Of course, it’s a Christmassy study. I got the idea of adding this old Christmas tree because I found the ornaments that I hid under the owl. I completely forgot about them! I thought I got rid of them a long time ago. I remembered I hid them because I thought they cluttered my chest. But now my chest is beyond cluttered so cleaning it up is a moot point.

House of Tree is updated.

A Gift?

Tree is happy today. If you’re wondering why, it’s because she found herself to be the recipient of 4 playfish cash.

I seriously have no idea where it came from. I certainly didn’t buy them. But I got curious about their source so I clicked the “add playfish cash” link and found out that you can get free playfish cash by completing offers. I got 100 pc for signing up for netflix. I’ll just have to cancel after the first free one-month subscription. I don’t need it, anyway. My husband already has one.

Guess what out first purchase was? A pair of classical rococo wings! Here she is flying beside her newly acquired Summer Lovers Archway.

This picture doesn’t do justice to the archway and its flying butterflies. The parts were just completed today.


Tower Room

Here’s the draft of the Tower Room.

It used to be the Arcadia Bedroom. But when I looked at it again after two years, I realized how overstuffed and messy it was. There was no sense, no theme. So I emptied the room and thought of an alternative.

EDIT: 9 Jul 12

I added a few things. Look at the difference a single large drape made! I turned this into Treehorn’s main room. 


Usually, when I decorate Treehorn’s room, I start with a base theme and a few main furniture pieces. Then, little by little over the course of weeks, I add on to it, revise a few things, and move a few things. I’m sure that the Tower Room will look a bit different next week. But for now, I’m satisfied with this.

So is Tree, I think. Here she is in her mermaid costume.

The Cake Room

I meant to post this yesterday but I had a date with a Long Island Iced Tea and promptly fell asleep as soon as I got home. Tree was feeling kooky yesterday and missed her googly glasses.

For today, here’s Treehorn with a long white gown. I chose the dress specifically because it hid her feet since she’s wearing her roller skates! I got this years ago with PS cash.

She’s also wearing two jubble rings, which is why there are two jubbles following her all the time. I heard from someone that these rings are now only available as PS cash items. This really surprised me since I bought these rings with game coins two years ago. I checked to confirm this and the rumor is true! The rings are now priced for 8 PS cash. What a ripoff!

I almost forgot that she has so much stuff. I played PS for less than a year and managed to collect all sorts of knick-knacks. I gave away a lot of clothes, furniture, decorations and other things to my family members’ pets but I still have a substantial number left. Which is why, even when redecorating, I don’t feel the need to buy masses of things now even during the weekly updates. I only get a few things that catch my eye.

I even have a pretty large collection of cakes. It’s a pity to not display them but I don’t have enough space for them in my other rooms. So I thought about designating a whole room in Treehorn’s house just for the cakes.

I’m not completely sold on this. I’ll keep it on for now but if I have a really good design idea one of these days, then this is the first room that’s going to be emptied.

Today’s Look

I’m so into red right now so my pet is dressed in red and gold. I bought the wig a couple of days ago and it’s one of the prettiest I’ve seen so far.


This is Treehorn’s human blogging since Treehorn is really busy choosing her next outfit at the moment.

I feel a little funny after posting again after I abandoned the game and this blog. I stayed away for nearly two years and didn’t even miss it one bit. Then, a few days ago, I felt like playing an interior-design themed game on Facebook but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Then I realized that I already had one! So, for the first time in 21 months, I logged into Pet Society.

There are lots of new designs but the game itself didn’t change much. Some are noteworthy:

  • There are way too many things that can only be bought with Playfish cash. Seriously? If the devs want Pet Society to survive, then they shouldn’t force players to pay real $$$ all the time. This was already a budding problem two years ago. Now, it has gotten a lot worse.
  • When you like something from a friend’s pet’s house, just click on the item and the game will let you one.
  • There are way too many pop-ups. Grr.

I don’t plan to be as mega-updated and attempt to have everything of anything that Pet Society offers. I think that’s what contributed to my PS burnout then — concentrating on getting all the mystery items, treasures, fishes, collections, etc. — than really playing the game for fun. My favorite part of the game is still decorating. I have three rooms that I’ve emptied that are currently being renovated right now so The House of Tree will be updated soon.

I noticed that I’ve been missing a few items. My suspicions were correct: my little sister secretly sent some of my pet’s stuff to her account while I wasn’t looking. Must. Log. Off. Facebook.

The Final Post

First of all, I would like to apologize for taking so long to say anything here. It was just supposed to be a brief break, but things happened.

In the two weeks that I didn’t play Pet Society, I:

  1. Took swimming as a new hobby
  2. Went to the gym more
  3. Started to learn how to cook
  4. Got to finish reading my books instead of just starting them and abandoning them for the computer
  5. Spent more time actually talking to my fiance instead of just grunting while I was busy playing on Facebook or blogging about Pet Society
  6. Got to blog in my real life blog more
  7. Finished a painting

When I evaluated what I managed to do in just the brief initial two weeks, I told myself, “Wow, I didn’t realize I played Pet Society that much!”

So, as much as I loved the game, loved the people I played it with, and loved Treehorn, I decided not to go back to it or any other Facebook game in the near future. Maybe I’m just computer-inefficient and spend 2x as much time doing online stuff compared to faster users. But I think it’s the best for me right now. I will leave my Pet Society rooms and things intact in case I might dabble in it from time to time.

Thanks for following this blog while it was alive. I’m going to miss it and I’m going to miss you. Have fun playing!



Brief Leave

Hi, everyone. 🙂

I’m taking a brief leave from Pet Society Cat. I won’t be blogging for a week or two and even my playing will be sporadic. I think I overloaded on Pet Society over the last month or two and got PS-burnout. Plus I’ve decided to devote more time to reading (currently WoT) as my books are getting jealous of all the attention I’ve been lavishing on PS.

I won’t desert the blog and Treehorn and I will return, as usual, after this short rest. We all need a vacation from everything, after all.